Why Choose HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre

Providing a high level of expertise and individualized care that is focused on the goals and values of each of our patients, our doctors are here to help you rejuvenate your health.


Our approach

We love when people come to the office and with our approach find a new found hope and conviction for their health.  Part of the process includes examining the various aspects of a person and the different systems that is the foundation for enjoying a healthy lifestyle. They include nutrition, digestive function, detoxification function, energy metabolism, hormonal function, structural function, immune system function, and inflammation. Our tools, experience, and methods all provide a strong foundation in attaining your health goals.

Live Cell Analysis

Our focus

Our office takes specialized focus on treating a wide variety of health concerns including critical and complex illnesses. Our office is the most experienced naturopathic office in the Waterloo Region using Naturopathic Intravenous (IV) Therapy and Injections for various complex health concerns and integrative cancer care. We understand the uses of IV therapy and how it can benefit patients but also when not to use it. We are leaders in the field of naturopathic medicine and integrative oncology and our comprehensive diagnostics and specialized clinical interventions benefit many different health conditions such as, cancer, pain, digestion, hormones, women’s health and menopause, detoxification, weight loss, fertility, and skin.

IV Drip

Why our doctors

We understand that health and medicine is a never ending learning process and we do not pretend to have all the answers. All we can do is work as hard as we can to be the most knowledgeable in our field and to provide honesty and transparency to our patients to guide them in choices they can make for their health care.

Patients have the security in knowing they are working with doctors who are experts in their field, highly trained and knowledgeable, who work hard to constantly stay at the leading edge of that knowledge in order to provide the best in patient care. This has translated into successful outcomes and happy, satisfied patients. As a result, the majority of people coming to our office are now based on referrals from other patients or healthcare professionals.

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The result

It does not matter if it is naturopathic medicine or conventional medicine – What matters is that it works, is safe, and provides the best results short-term and long-term for our patients.  There is a difference between just not feeling sick versus feeling at your absolute best. We are here to provide you the opportunity to feel at your absolute best and enjoying life the way you envision it.

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