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I first heard about Dr Som and Dr Reid from a colleague at work who was very satisfied with the
care she was receiving and the results to help her cope with chronic arthritis pain. I had spoken to my friend about some of the challenges that mid life had brought adding to my on-going health issues and she invited me to join her at a presentation on women’s health that Drs Som and Reid were doing at the Kitchener library and this was back in 2008. For decades I struggled to cope with symptoms of fibromyalgia including pain, fatigue, head aches and digestive issues along with very heavy periods due to fibroids so I felt it was worth my time to go and listen. Menopause was my next hill to climb and this was the next step in the journey to finding healthy balance. Trying to keep up with caring for my family and maintaining a challenging career, not ready or able to retire I have to be in control of my health. The presentation was compelling and Dr Som didn’t just talk about their practice, but rather she focused on what was happening to our bodies and explained the changes and how these changes would manifest into fatigue and head fog, insomnia etc.. It was clear that she understood the struggle and the underlying cause. She understood the cumulative effect of years of stress, nutritional challenges and the normal physiological changes that come with age. My previous health coach had moved away and I needed someone I could trust. Dr Som’s empathy and incredible knowledge earned her that trust. It was an easy decision and has turned out to be the right one for me and in the past year for my husband (after being diagnosed with prostate cancer). We have tried the pharmaceutical route and only ended up feeling worse because drugs tend to relieve symptoms, but the underlying cause isn’t addressed. Working with Dr Som, I have learned to monitor and adjust my diet and find supplements to help me cope and relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia and menopause. Som’s tool box is varied with her knowledge of non-drug remedies – vitamins, herbal remedies, acupuncture, Bowan therapy and coaching skills. Som shared her knowledge to help me understand how by body reacts; to read the way I feel and so be more confident about managing my health. Today, I feel healthier than I have in years and have stopped longing for retirement. Instead I am looking forward to new and better challenges and no longer feeling limited by my body. I go to the gym 3 times a week and working out feels good again and it’s not a struggle. The challenges of my career and job stress are under control and my outlook is positive. Dr Som and Dr Reid work together as a team. I know they consult and share experiences and knowledge which is key to natural healing. No two people are alike and often the remedy is a combination of several things including treatments and lifestyle changes. They understand that and help you move at a pace that is right and comfortable for you. If you want to take control of your health and need someone you can trust to work with you and provide you encouragement and options to heal without hurting your body, Dr Som and Dr Reid are an awesome team to work with.