Dr. Thammasouk has truly changed my life

Before attending HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre I had regular headaches/migraines, and stomach aches, along with eczema, joint pain, exhaustion, brain fuzz, anxiety and a list of other issues I’d been dealing with for a large part of my life. Many of these issues I’d been to other family doctors about and was either given a prescription that was only a temporary ‘fix’ or told there was nothing they could do. After many strong recommendations from other family members who have had great results from Dr. Thammasouk I booked my first appointment! I can say with 100% certainty that she has truly changed my life. I no longer stress about where the closest bathroom is when we go out and if I have a pain reliever in my purse for that headache I know will arrive at the most inopportune moment. The ability to crawl into bed at a reasonable hour, actually sleeping and waking up feeling refresh is one of the best feelings! All of the issues I originally went to her for along with many others that I thought were ‘normal’ are gone and my quality of life has drastically increased. Dr. Thammasouk provides a very relaxed and no-pressure atmosphere at her clinic right down to her amazing, always smiling secretary, Karen! Dr. Thammasouk is great at supporting her diagnoses with scientific research and providing you the information so that you have the ability to make an educated decision on how you prefer to proceed with treatments. Over the past few months I have developed a trusting and respectful relationship with Dr. Thammasouk. If you have any hesitations about HealthSource, I recommend giving them acall. Everyone is always happy to answer any questions and you can start receiving professional help with stable results right away! My only regret with Dr. Thammasouk is that I didn’t start sooner! I can’t recommend her and the clinics resources eno ugh! kk