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I have seen both Dr. Reid and Dr. Thammasouk are both very knowledgeable in mainstream medicine and natural medicine, and in science, blood chemistry, and care for the patient. Life changing!

They are good listeners, good question askers, and have a good intuition of what direction to focus on. Over the years I have visited 5 good naturapaths. This is the best naturapath experience I have had and my visits and treatments with Dr Reid have reversed my MS.

The attention to blood chemistry has been phenomenal. Things that I wish my GP would have done. Dr Reid’s focus on diet has been great. He has a good sense of what is the most important thing to do in a certain situation.

I highly recommend them.


After visiting my MD many times about various issues (headaches, digestive issues, lack of energy, anxiety etc) and not getting any real solutions I decided to look for a good Naturopathic Doctor. I received 4 recommendations for Dr. Som Thammasouk. After my first visit, I had full confidence that Dr. Som could help me and I knew I was going to see results. I did get better and I learned a great deal about nutrition and my body including identifying some food allergies. Dr. Som¹s dedication to her clients, compassion, and thoroughness with my questions and concerns was always present. I never felt hurried or left an appointment with doubts or questions. I am extremely happy with the progress and results. I recommend Dr. Som to anyone who is seeking the services of an ND. S.G.

After suffering a miscarriage, I wanted to seek assistance in getting my body healthy and strong again. A friend had recommended Health Source and I made an appointment immediately with Dr. Thammasouk. I knew instantly in meeting and talking with Dr. Thammasouk I was in the right hands!! She was professional, kind and passionate! A full treatment plan was not recommended until a full medical work up was done and reviewed. Dr. Thammasouk took the time to explain and review all my results and worked with me to put a plan in place. She looked at what vitamins I was currently taking, as well as lifestyle and enhanced what I was currently doing. With an exceptional vitamin solution in place as well as acupuncture treatments my body was stronger and I felt better than ever!! My next pregnancy was not only successful, I had twins!! Dr. Thammasouk followed me through my entire pregnancy as well as Dr. Reid, and could not have wished for a better pregnancy or to feel as amazing as I did! Dr. Thammasouk is extremely instrumental in my well being and overall health. I cannot say enough about the care I received prior to, during my pregnancy and continue to receive from Dr. Thammasouk. I have highly recommended Health Source to family and friends and they cannot thank me enough! I feel incredible and I owe it all to Dr. Thammasouk and Dr. Reid and their care! D.E.

Last summer, my husband and I decided that we needed help to get healthy and lose weight. I asked some of my coworkers if they could suggest a naturopath and the name that kept coming up was HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre, so we made an appointment to see Dr. Thammasouk. Over the next several months, under her care and guidance, my husband and I lost over 120 pounds of combined weight. My husband’s sleep apnea disappeared and his recurring flare-ups of fibromyalgia declined significantly. We found Dr. Thammasouk to be helpful, caring and very supportive. Her approach to discovering our health issues was scientific and methodical. Under her guidance, we began to take certain vitamins that changed our metabolisms and energy levels. During our cleanse, she provided us with a two-week meal plan, with recipes! The results she helped us achieve have had long-lasting positive effects. I have recommended Dr. Thammasouk to many of my friends, several of whom are now her patients. They have also experienced better health as a result. J.H. & L.B.

I have been an oncology patient of Dr Reid’s since March of 2012 and am truly honored to be able to write this testimonial on his behalf. I have been continuously impressed by Dr Reid and his level of expertise, compassion and genuine sincerity. He truly values and respects his patients and goes above and beyond what you might expect from a health care provider. Under his care I followed a specific regime of supplements, received vitamin c therapy and made dietary changes and now feel healthier than I ever have. From the time I walk in the doors at Health Source I feel very much ‘at home’ and would highly recommend Dr Reid and his clinic. I would be pleased to speak to anyone with questions while considering HealthSource as an option in their health care. L.G.

For three years, I suffered severely with Crohn’s disease, unknown abdominal pain and consistent headaches, all being treated by my family doctor and a number of specialists, with no improvement or results. By February 2013, I was at my wits end and refused to continue to be bed ridden for another year. Because of my ailments, pharmaceutical medicine only caused me more pain and discomfort making the decision to begin finding a Naturopath slightly easier. I was, though, still weary at first because of having to pay out of pocket and, above all, what if this doctor also failed to help me. When I began to search, I came across HealthSource Integrative Medical Center’s website after previously hearing the name Dr. Michael Reid, a fresh new doctor in the area. After reading his biography on the website, I was reassured enough to call the office to make an appointment. Arriving, I have never been to a more inviting and helpful office, all who go out of their way for you. Having many horrible experiences with other doctor’s offices, it was incredibly refreshing and because of this, I knew immediately that this was the right place for me. After meeting Dr. Reid, he assured me that he would try everything he could to improve my Crohn’s and help figure out the unknown abdominal pain and cause of my headaches. Being very skeptical, I asked Dr. Reid many questions and afterwards, I found I had become much more optimistic and looked forward to coming to his office again. For the next three months, I followed his suggestions and did everything he asked of me from diet changes to vitamin infusions and I slowly began to notice changes and improvement. I am happy to say now that I have never felt better, something a few months ago would have been a dream. I will always struggle with these illnesses but Dr. Reid and his whole office helped me get my life back. I recommend them 100% but just calling their office will reassure you enough. J.D.

I have been blessed enough to be a client of Dr. Thammasouk for three years now and I can honestly say I don’t know where I would be without her. I had two years of unanswered medical questions pertaining to my reproductive system. It felt as though my family practitioner could not find the answer to my problem.I found Dr. Thammasouk and within one month she properly diagnosed my issue and to this day I have not had the original problem. I owe her many thanks for taking the time to understand my issues. When I visit her office, it often feels as though I’m visiting a friend and her level of dedication towards her clients cannot be surpassed. A.M.

I was experiencing severe knee pain, due to a torn meniscus and a cyst on the back of my knee. A specialist was suggesting surgery; however I wanted a second opinion and explained my situation to Dr. Reid. He suggested I try Prolotherapy – a completely natural therapy that had shown great success in improving mobility and knee pain in other patients. After 4 treatments I am amazed at the improvement in my knee. The pain and swelling are gone, and my mobility has improved greatly. I appreciate Dr. Reid’s thoroughness and attention to detail when it comes to my health. His clinic offers a very kind and understanding atmosphere that makes me feel very comfortable about discussing my health concerns. R.S.

I enjoy competitive curling and in January of 2012 my knee gave out during a game. The pain was excruciating. As days went by the knee felt very weak and would often give out under stress and when going up and down stairs. I could no longer bend down into a crouch when curling and had to resort to using a stick to shoot the rock. I chose not to have an MRI as I was able to get around and because of the length of time it would take to get one. I tried some physiotherapy for a couple of months with moderate success but my knee would still give out without notice with a lot of pain. I had been seeing my naturopathic doctor, Dr. Michael Reid at Health Source Integrated Medical Centre in Kitchener, Ontario, and during a visit we discussed my knee. He suggested that I would be a candidate for Prolotherapy, an injection therapy that would promote the knee to help heal itself. Dr. Reid gave me detailed literature to take home to read about what it would involve and explained the procedure in detail. Dr. Reid had told me I might need four to six treatments. I decided that I would give it a try and had my first treatment on a Friday afternoon and I experienced little discomfort. The following morning I woke up and to my amazement I was pain free. Over the next six weeks my knee continued to get stronger and I had only minor recurrence of pain every once in awhile. After six weeks, I had a second treatment and things continued to improve. I’m now back curling and can go into a full crouch with no pain. I do wear elasticized supports on both knees to give me a felling of additional security. Dr. Reid suggested I might want to get a third treatment in the future, and I will before the beginning of the next curling season. I certainly would recommend anyone who is having knee problems to see Dr. Reid to determine whether they are a candidate for Prolotherapy. Dr. Reid was excellent and caring in his treatment of my problem and readily answered any questions I asked. He was professional, efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. Also, my dealings with his receptionist were also efficient and friendly. I have also had the occasion to be treated by Dr. Reid’s partner, Dr. Som Thammasouk for other issues. She has also been very professional, efficient, friendly and knowledgeable in my dealings with her. As a result of my experiences at Health Source Integrated Medical Centre and my dealings with Dr. Reid and Dr. Thammasouk, I would highly recommend them and their clinic to anyone DBR

I feel healthier and more positive about my overall well-being since working with Dr. Thammasouk and Dr. Reid. Recent health issues had me reeling but after meeting with the doctors at HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre and working together to formulate a health plan I felt a new sense of control over my health. While maintaining a conventional medical treatment regime, they developed personalized complimentary naturopathic treatments ensuring I had the best chance at recovery and wellness. I have since recovered from two separate illnesses and I am grateful to Som and Michael for playing a significant role in my treatment and recovery. I have no reservations in recommending the Centre to family and friends; in fact my daughter has recently started treatment as well. Som and Michael’s respectful approach, unending support and in depth knowledge allows me to confidently recommend Health Source Integrative Medical Centre. L.T.