Cancer Treatments and Integrative Therapies

At HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre, we work hard to always provide the highest level of expertise in Cancer Treatments and Integrative and Naturopathic Cancer Care.   Dr. Reid is 1 of 8 in Ontario and the only one in Waterloo Region to achieve Board Certification in Naturopathic Oncology.  As a result, he has competence in both naturopathic and conventional oncology and meets the highest standard of the profession as a specialist in naturopathic oncology. Dr. Reid is dedicated to learning about the latest developments and cancer treatments. He actively goes to conferences throughout North America and stays in contact with leaders and pioneers in integrative oncology.  Providing the best opportunity for optimal outcomes and improved quality of life, treatments can be successfully implemented before, during, or after conventional cancer treatment.

Integrative Cancer Care takes the best of both worlds from conventional and naturopathic medicine to provide treatments that are aimed at treating the patient with the focus being on cancer. More and more clinics and hospitals from around the world are taking this approach. As a result, all aspects of the person are considered from the physical to the mental/emotional. A growing body of evidence shows that utilizing treatments such as diet, nutrition, exercise, counselling, acupuncture, intravenous therapies (to name a few) in conjunction with treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation survival time and quality of life can be greatly enhanced.