About HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre

HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre was founded by husband and wife team Dr. Michael Reid, ND and Dr. Somphorn Thammasouk, ND with the vision of providing a medical centre that was on the forefront of naturopathic and integrative medical care. At the centre the doctors utilize comprehensive diagnostics and offer a variety of services that can benefit many different health conditions. The doctors at the centre also have extensive knowledge on the use of conventional and prescription medication. As a result, they can help bridge the gap between conventional and naturopathic medicine and advise patients on the best therapy available for their specific condition including cancer care.

We pride ourselves in inspiring, teaching and supporting our patients through their journey through treatment, prevention and wellness. Here is what you can expect:

  • Comprehensive diagnostics and clinical interventions that can benefit many different health conditions
  • A treat-the-cause-not-just-symptoms approach
  • Support for physical, mental, and emotional issues
  • Honest health professionals who really care to help you