For three years, I suffered severely with Crohn’s disease, unknown abdominal pain and consistent headaches, all being treated by my family doctor and a number of specialists, with no improvement or results. By February 2013, I was at my wits end and refused to continue to be bed ridden for another year. Because of my ailments, pharmaceutical medicine only caused me more pain and discomfort making the decision to begin finding a Naturopath slightly easier. I was, though, still weary at first because of having to pay out of pocket and, above all, what if this doctor also failed to help me. When I began to search, I came across HealthSource Integrative Medical Center’s website after previously hearing the name Dr. Michael Reid, a fresh new doctor in the area. After reading his biography on the website, I was reassured enough to call the office to make an appointment. Arriving, I have never been to a more inviting and helpful office, all who go out of their way for you. Having many horrible experiences with other doctor’s offices, it was incredibly refreshing and because of this, I knew immediately that this was the right place for me. After meeting Dr. Reid, he assured me that he would try everything he could to improve my Crohn’s and help figure out the unknown abdominal pain and cause of my headaches. Being very skeptical, I asked Dr. Reid many questions and afterwards, I found I had become much more optimistic and looked forward to coming to his office again. For the next three months, I followed his suggestions and did everything he asked of me from diet changes to vitamin infusions and I slowly began to notice changes and improvement. I am happy to say now that I have never felt better, something a few months ago would have been a dream. I will always struggle with these illnesses but Dr. Reid and his whole office helped me get my life back. I recommend them 100% but just calling their office will reassure you enough. J.D.