I enjoy competitive curling and in January of 2012 my knee gave out during a game. The pain was excruciating. As days went by the knee felt very weak and would often give out under stress and when going up and down stairs. I could no longer bend down into a crouch when curling and had to resort to using a stick to shoot the rock. I chose not to have an MRI as I was able to get around and because of the length of time it would take to get one. I tried some physiotherapy for a couple of months with moderate success but my knee would still give out without notice with a lot of pain. I had been seeing my naturopathic doctor, Dr. Michael Reid at Health Source Integrated Medical Centre in Kitchener, Ontario, and during a visit we discussed my knee. He suggested that I would be a candidate for Prolotherapy, an injection therapy that would promote the knee to help heal itself. Dr. Reid gave me detailed literature to take home to read about what it would involve and explained the procedure in detail. Dr. Reid had told me I might need four to six treatments. I decided that I would give it a try and had my first treatment on a Friday afternoon and I experienced little discomfort. The following morning I woke up and to my amazement I was pain free. Over the next six weeks my knee continued to get stronger and I had only minor recurrence of pain every once in awhile. After six weeks, I had a second treatment and things continued to improve. I’m now back curling and can go into a full crouch with no pain. I do wear elasticized supports on both knees to give me a felling of additional security. Dr. Reid suggested I might want to get a third treatment in the future, and I will before the beginning of the next curling season. I certainly would recommend anyone who is having knee problems to see Dr. Reid to determine whether they are a candidate for Prolotherapy. Dr. Reid was excellent and caring in his treatment of my problem and readily answered any questions I asked. He was professional, efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. Also, my dealings with his receptionist were also efficient and friendly. I have also had the occasion to be treated by Dr. Reid’s partner, Dr. Som Thammasouk for other issues. She has also been very professional, efficient, friendly and knowledgeable in my dealings with her. As a result of my experiences at Health Source Integrated Medical Centre and my dealings with Dr. Reid and Dr. Thammasouk, I would highly recommend them and their clinic to anyone DBR