After suffering a miscarriage, I wanted to seek assistance in getting my body healthy and strong again. A friend had recommended Health Source and I made an appointment immediately with Dr. Thammasouk. I knew instantly in meeting and talking with Dr. Thammasouk I was in the right hands!! She was professional, kind and passionate! A full treatment plan was not recommended until a full medical work up was done and reviewed. Dr. Thammasouk took the time to explain and review all my results and worked with me to put a plan in place. She looked at what vitamins I was currently taking, as well as lifestyle and enhanced what I was currently doing. With an exceptional vitamin solution in place as well as acupuncture treatments my body was stronger and I felt better than ever!! My next pregnancy was not only successful, I had twins!! Dr. Thammasouk followed me through my entire pregnancy as well as Dr. Reid, and could not have wished for a better pregnancy or to feel as amazing as I did! Dr. Thammasouk is extremely instrumental in my well being and overall health. I cannot say enough about the care I received prior to, during my pregnancy and continue to receive from Dr. Thammasouk. I have highly recommended Health Source to family and friends and they cannot thank me enough! I feel incredible and I owe it all to Dr. Thammasouk and Dr. Reid and their care! D.E.