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At HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre we provide you with the full spectrum of naturopathic medicine and integrative cancer care located in Kitchener Waterloo. Our naturopathic doctors aim to utilize the most up to date and advanced assessments and services available. Our extensive experience and knowledge help you thrive as we provide comprehensive assessments and relevant treatment options that work for you and your lifestyle. Our modern approach to healthcare bridges the gap between naturopathic and conventional medicine to advise you on all therapies available for your specific condition. in Kitchener Waterloo treats a wide variety of health concerns including complex and chronic illnesses. As an advanced integrative medical facility, our comprehensive diagnostics and clinical interventions benefit many different health conditions.

Dr. Michael Reid and Dr. Som Thammasouk

Dr. Michael Reid and Dr. Som Thammasouk practice naturopathic and integrative medicine. We take the time to listen and hear your concerns as we work together for your health.

Thank you Waterloo Region for voting us as Readers' Choice best Naturopathic Clinic and Dr. Reid and Dr. Thammasouk as the top Naturopathic Doctors in the area. We appreciate your ongoing support and continued trust in our centre.

Integrative Cancer Care - Loco Regional Hyperthermia

HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre offers Loco-Regional Hyperthermia as an adjunctive cancer treatment. Hyperthermia is used in combination with radiation, chemotherapy and/or immunotherapy for the treatment of disease symptoms including tumor response and quality of life.

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