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What Does It Mean To Us To Be #1?
It measn we were voted as the favourite alternative medical clinic because we are liked by our clients and we are trusted by those who are under our care. Our clients have seen great results both in terms of increased health as well as being treated well as a patient.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with you and for your support and trust in our centre!

Genetic Testing and Individualized Medicine

Changing your lifestyle isn’t always easy, but it’s usually easier when you can see results. What if I told you I could make lifestyle recommendations that were custom tailored to what is ideal for your body, meaning the changes would have a high impact and would be guaranteed to benefit you? This is the future of individualized medicine: using genomics to determine the best plan of action. Genetics is changing the field of medicine. We now know why some people experience bad side effects from certain drugs, and why some people do not. It comes down to the enzymes made in the liver, which are written in your genetic code. So instead of prescriptions by trial and error, prescriptions could be the right fit for you with fewer side effects on your end. The same goes for natural remedies: we can now pinpoint what will work for you, whether it is a lifestyle factor or a supplement. Whether or not marathon training is beneficial or detrimental for you can now be answered. Because each body is unique, medicine should be unique for each body as well. At HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre, our naturopathic doctors recognize this and work with each person to achieve personalized healthcare- and now we have a powerful new tool with which to do so.

Sample of conditions that benefit from genetic testing: Depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, cancer prevention, auto-immune disease, fibromyalgia, autism, addictions, miscarriage, all have answers among the genes.

Genetic testing allows us to look at the function of a person on the most fundamental level. I’ll go through several examples that highlight the power of genetic testing. Neurotransmitters are one area that our doctors will usually test or evaluate. These are the hormone messengers in the brain and the body that determine things like addiction, appetite, calm, anxiety, depression, focus, and so on.

Some Neurotransmitters and Their Functions
Neurotransmitter Function Problems Caused by Imbalances
Serotonin Affects mood, hunger, sleep, arousal Undersupply linked to depression
Dopamine Influences movement, learning, attention, and emotion Oversupply linked to schizophrenia, undersupply linked to tremors and decreased mobility in Parkinson’s disease
Norepinepherine Helps control alertness and arousal Undersupply can depress mood and cause ADHD-like attention problems
GABA A major inhibitory neurotransmitter Undersupply linked to seizures, tremors, and insomnia
Glutamate A major excitatory neurotransmitter, involved in memory Oversupply can overstimulate the brain, producing migraines or seizures; this is why some people avoid MSG in food
Acetylcholine Enables muscle attention, learning, and memory Undersupply leads to deteriorating muscle function

There are biochemical pathways that both produce and remove these neurotransmitters from the system. Think of it as water from a tap, and a tub with a drain at the bottom. Ideally we want balance between the amount of water coming from the tap and the size of the drain, so that the body can keep a level amount for its use. Now consider someone who produces more of a certain messenger than they remove from the system, and say that messenger is adrenaline. Even a simple startle will cause some adrenaline release, and if it is hanging around longer, ie the drain is clogged, that adrenaline is acting longer. That person may experience higher states of anxiety. In the case of cardiovascular disease, research has now shown that people who carry certain genetic types could be advised not to consume high doses of fish oil in order to prevent it. Others benefit from added fish oil. Whether or not you should be building that supplement into your routine is a question for your genes. A significant link that needs to be considered is how your metabolic pathways, predetermined by our genetics, can affect your risk for certain cancers. Research shows that a direct link exists between colon cancer and a polymorphism that affects folate metabolism (known as an MTHFR defect). This same gene is also implicated in autism, tongue-tie, and chronic fatigue. The culprit, however, is never as simple as one gene causing a certain outcome. The web is complex and interrelated, and requires special training to understand and address it. It is perfectly normal to have certain genetic strong spots and certain weak spots. So what do we do about them? The best part is that knowing this genetic picture allows us to support the full functioning of the body’s systems through targeted natural supplements or treatment methods, to either boost or bypass the genetic polymorphisms. We can regain balance in the body through understanding how the various pathways interrelate. Note that these pathways are complex and should always be addressed in a holistic context, by a person specifically trained to understand how to do so – such as one of our doctors. It is important to consider that there are always multiple factors of health and disease. There is no magic bullet approach to health. But by understanding the most fundamental makeup of what makes a person unique, we can build a customized program to lay the right foundation for your health goals.

Dr Krause truly believes that when you are feeling your best, you are giving the best possible chance to every one of your relationships. Your wedding is coming up, and you are so excited to say “I Do” to your love and start your marriage off with a great celebration. …but we know what happens when you don’t feel great; Dr Krause hears it all the time. Nagging physical symptoms or concerns that lead to irritability or upset. PMS that takes a toll on the person and everyone around them. Fatigue that makes it impossible to get things done and stressful when deadlines come up. Speaking of stress, that pesky thing that makes your skin break out and crave sweets and hijacks your sleep… You can’t afford to deal with these problems! If you had your health, you could do anything: instead you’re stuck bargaining with both your body and your caterer. Dr Krause wants to get brides through this stressful, crazy, wonderful time of their lives in the most energized, calm, radiant way. She got married in 2015 and is passionate about helping other brides be their best selves. A healthy bride will lead to a healthy marriage. So she has put together some top issues that might need troubleshooting, and are going to make a world of difference in how you start your wedding and your marriage.

  1. Energy: often the issue isn’t just that you need to “muscle through” or drink more coffee (which will backfire on you when you crash). Lab testing makes a stunning difference, as it allows us to target sub-optimal levels of B12, iron, thyroid hormone, cortisol, and others – all of which are crucial in energy. These markers, along with your energy, will also impact any weight-loss efforts.
  2. Digestion: we’ve all felt it – a stomachache can make you grumpy, or having bowel movement issues can affect how you feel. Making sure your gut is working as well as it could removes its ability to ruin your day.
  3. Allergies: dreaming of an outdoor wedding in the summer, but not sure Benadryl will hold up? Allergies come back to immune health, gut health, and nutrients, all of which can be worked on.
  4. Breakouts: you want to glow on your wedding day! Unfortunately some of the things that come with a wedding also cause breakouts: stress (lack of sleep, timelines), eating differently (hello showers and bachelorettes etc) and so on. Those can seem unavoidable but there’s a reason you break out when things get rocky, so supporting the body is key here.
  5. Communication: ever tried to have a calm rational decision-making conversation with someone when you’re grumpy for one of 50 reasons? (stomachache, hanger, stress, anxiety, being sick, not feeling well, and so on)… Let’s deal with each of those and then try to decide on a colour palette.

Dr Krause would love to work with you on each and every one of those things and more: She is offering a package to do just that! Starting March 1, 2016 (and at least 3 months prior to your wedding date), we will cover: Visit 1: Health Profile and Body Composition Analysis, Hormone check-up, Weight goals, Habit Making/Breaking Visit 2: Energy Boost Visit 3: Hair, Skin, Nails and Nutrients Visit 4: Stress resiliency, grounding, nerves Visit 5: Best gut health, digestion Visit 6: After your wedding – maintaining health goals, setting new ones (honeymoon first aid, pre-conception care) Expected Outcomes:

  • Energy, vitality
  • Calm
  • Skin radiance
  • Balanced mood
  • Healthy habits leading into marriage

Please contact reception in order to book all 6 visits.