I searched out three Naturopaths, read their websites, checked into their experience, their focus, number of cancer patients etc. to ascertain their experience, knowledge and talked with them to maybe most importantly determine their personality. After meeting Dr. Michael Reid at HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre, we discussed my situation and based upon talking with others, people recommending him, reading etc. I decided to start seeing him effective immediately to initiate various treatments. I have found Dr. Reid to be very passionate about his mandate and patients. He will discuss any topic, answer any question, offer opinions on what you have found, read, heard and support you in whatever you decide to do. He listens as well as he advises and in the end leaves the decision to you. He does not throw everything at the problem but focuses on what have been shown to demonstrate some positive logical or scientific foundation. I therefore would have no hesitation whatsoever in telling a recently diagnosed cancer patient about my experience, endorse what I have done and recommend Dr. Reid; in fact I have already done this with at least 4-6 other people F.M.