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The human body and its systems

Organs, muscles, bones, etc. each have a specific function as well as an interrelationship with the whole. When you experience symptoms, it is your body’s way of informing you that something is not working the way it needs to. Our role is to work with you to interpret your body’s messages in order to determine what is not functioning, why, and how we will assist you in restoring your health.

Our objective 

We provide targeted and effective therapies for any symptoms or disease you are currently experiencing and educating you about proactive measures you can take to reduce your risk of chronic health issues. Our holistic, supportive, patient-centered approach to healthcare benefits people of all ages and health concerns.

Dr. Michael Reid and Dr. Som Thammasouk

Dr. Michael Reid and Dr. Som Thammasouk are experts in the use of naturopathic and integrative medicine. We take the time to listen and hear your health concerns in order to apply medical solutions that will work for you.

A Proven Treatment For Cancer Patients - Loco Regional Hyperthermia

HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre is proud and thrilled to announce that the 6th Hyperthermia (Oncotherm) machine in Canada, and the 2nd in Ontario, is coming to the Waterloo Region. This means we will now have a powerful and advanced ally for cancer care. Hyperthermia has proven its benefits through over 100,000 treatments each year in medical centres and hospitals worldwide. It has been used in Germany for many decades as standard cancer care that works alongside conventional radiation and chemotherapy treatments. The therapy can deliver increased survival times, and the National Cancer Institute acknowledges the power of this therapy in shrinking tumours.

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